ygap team December 2021

Making time to reflect

When it comes to our programs, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) processes and the collection of qualitative data is something that we put a lot of time and energy into. Insights gathered from these data allow us to understand how we are tracking against our intentions with each body of…

ygap First Gens alumni, Grace Mugabe, founder of Financially Empowered — a business that supports financial empowerment for women in Australia.

‘For the first time in our thirteen-year organizational history, we are updating our vision to better reflect the evolution of our work and the significant global challenges facing us all. Rather than focusing on “a world without poverty,” we are striving towards achieving “an equitable and sustainable world” through the…

Written by yher Africa Regional Director, Katleho Tsoku, as part of the yher Africa Newsletter. Sign up for more content like this.

May 25th marks Africa Day

Happy Africa Month!

On May 25th, the continent of Africa celebrates the 58th anniversary of what is now known as Africa Day (formerly Africa Unity Day).

We believe that women’s entrepreneurship is an integral part of an empowered society. That’s why ygap’s work champions a world where women entrepreneurs have quality and equal opportunities to build sustainable businesses. Better economic conditions often equate with increased levels of health care, education, and prosperity for whole communities. …


ygap is an international development organisation that supports early-stage social impact ventures with locally-led solutions to local problems.

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