Reflections on Africa Day

Written by yher Africa Regional Director, Katleho Tsoku, as part of the yher Africa Newsletter. Sign up for more content like this.

Happy Africa Month!

On May 25th, the continent of Africa celebrates the 58th anniversary of what is now known as Africa Day (formerly Africa Unity Day). Africa Day celebrates “the determination of the People of Africa to free themselves from foreign domination and exploitation.”

The legacy of colonialism has resulted in deeply entrenched psychological, economic and social damage. Furthermore, the current leadership in many African countries continues to fail us, derailing development through corruption and greed. The freedom we aspire to is not yet within our reach, but the determination and zeal to fight for this freedom is palpable.

With so much that is frustrating about Africa there is equally so much to love, including the unparalleled beauty of our continent and its people, our wisdom, our resilience and appreciation for life, our creativity and innovation — to name just a few.

Through yher Africa, ygap South Africa and ygap Kenya we are privileged to work with incredible individuals who are not waiting for meaningful change to happen, but are putting themselves at the forefront of making change happen.

It is a privilege to work with entrepreneurs who are intentional about centering human life, entrepreneurs who are consistent about being on the right side of history. Former South African President Thabo Mbeki proudly stated, “I am an African, I am able to state this fundamental truth that I am born of a people who are heroes and heroines…”

So on this Africa Day (and beyond), I will celebrate these heroes and heroines. I will hold space as best as I can for them so that some day, a day like Africa Day will hold more meaning than it currently does.

A luta continua!

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